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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  May 16, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening. thanks for joining us for geico sports xtra. i'm lindsay murphy. the uva women's lacrosse team has an emotional return to the field. plus, one of the big name caps may be here for the long haul. first we head out to the diamond. this time last year the naptions had already -- nationals had already suffered through five losing streaks so losing both games of a doubleheader yesterday their mission today, don't lose another. would they be able to avoid their first three-game losing streak against the rockies? nats lead 1-0. the pitch to brad hop and the grounder to alberto gonzalez to ian desmond for the inning ending double play. bottom of the 6th, died 1-1. a very strong outing for olson. just one earned run in six and
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two-thirds inning. bol of the 8, same score and same player. two men on. send as fly ball to deep left. seth smith tags up to score the game-winning run. all runs scored on sack flies. the nationals are edged by the rockies 2-1 dropping their third in a row. they begin a two-game series tomorrow night in st. louis. the nationals have called up reliever drew soren from aaa syracuse and designated brian brooney for assignment. this year with seer sues soren pitched 16 innings posting an impressive 1.12 era. here's jim wriggleman on how he plans to use this 22-year-old. >> probably wouldn't use him in real long stints but, you know, an inning, sometimes an inning plus. you know, it will kind of find itself as to where his innings will be. >> cleveland and baltimore each
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sunday a youngster gets to steal second base at camden yards. she struggles a little bit. finally pulls it out and takes off running. wait a minute. time for the curtain call. adam jones going to run out of room. a two-run home run. the orioles fall to the indians 5-1. cleveland takes to of three in the series. -- two of three in the series. it's time for a quick break but when we return, the capitals have some big news to announce tomorrow. could it be about backstrom? stick around and see. 
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welcome back. the washington capitals have called a press conference for tomorrow morning. sources say the caps will sign center nicholas backstrom to a contract extension. he's scheduled to become a restricted free agent on july 1. meanwhile tonight was game one ever the eastern conference finals. the seventh seeded flyers hosting the number eight canadiens. a slapper from the left side. that's a power play goal. flyers up 3-0. later in the 2nd period, another power play. the flyers blampg the canadiens
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-- blank the canadiens 6-0 in game one. blackhawks and sharks from san jose. game tied 1-1, 3rd period. the blackhawks defeat the sharks 2-1 in game one. chicago 6-1 on the road during this post season. the last two nba finals representatives from the eastern conference have been the celtics and the magic and that will be the case again this year but which one will it be? today game one to find out. first half, the magic, inbound the ball. the pass. check this out. knocked away by tony allen. ray allen goes ahead to tony for the dunk. good teamwork. the celtics led by 9 at the break. second half, more from boston. ray allen gets the ball up top. wee drain the three-pointer. he had a game high 25 points. the celtics built a huge 20- point lead but the magic fought back. final seconds, vince carter miss as free throw. that's as close as orlando would get.
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celtics take game one of the series. ed moneyster mile, -- the monster mile, jimmy johnson is your leader. he exits the pit but does sow over the 30 mile an hour speed limit. he tries to slow down next to busch and get away with it but it was too late. he was penalized a lap and would finish back in 16th and of course busch's crew is loving the penalty. busch led 130 laps and wins the 400, his second win in three weeks and 18th of his career. tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame takes to us charlottesville. vat v.a. women's lacrosse team playing its first game since the passing of their team nature yeardley love and they get towson in the first the ncaa tournament. an emotional moment after this game as each member of the team
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unveils a number one, the jersey worn by yeardley herself. her mother and sister were at the game and it was a very emotional ride for them as well. that's tonight's geico's 15 minutes of fame. decision time a member of the washington freedom. 
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welcome back. the washington freedom on the road against the atlanta beat. the back hill pass. it's 1-0 freedom. the crossing pass and abbey heads it in. she just broke her nose last week so she was pretty daring to pull that move. they improve to 3-2. not many athletes can say they play for two really successful teams but one player on the washington freedom does just that. now her two teams are getting ready to play each other. now there's a tough decision to
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be made. the washington freedom is 3-2 this year and in the middle ever the pack in the women's professional soccer league. >> we can tighten things up in the back and become more defensive minded and not give up those soft goals, you know, we'll get the points necessary to get in the playoffs and eventually win a championship. >> reporter: in the days leading up to their friendly match against the canadian national team, goaltender mcleod. >> face one of the most difficult decisions in her career. freedom or canada. i asked who she would be goal tending for on may 23. >> oh, gosh. freedom maybe. >> reporter: she is one of the best goalkeepers in the wps. and for the canadian national team. so when the two meet in a little over a week, one team
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will be missing her. >> she has a wonderful decision to make. really, she can't go wrong deciding between canada and us. of course i'm a little biased and if i play in the game, i really want erin to be with me. >> reporter: mcleod may have some say in her decision but ultimately it's up to her national team coaches. >> i was pretty excited. i've never been in this situation before. so i'm honored to play with freedom and honored to play with a national team. it's kind of a cool scenario. >> reporter: in the meantime mcleod's freedom teammates will do their very best to keep her on their side. >> we're all going to the movies and maybe i'll buy her popcorn or something. we're going to see robin hood. maybe we'll keep her in our locker room where she can't get out or something. i don't know. we're all like, we're your best friend. >> you don't see canada often. you live with us. you have to put up with us. when you leave canada, they leave you. you're stuck us with.
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maybe that will be a little more incentive to play for us. >> the matchup between freedom and canada is next sunday on may 23. a couple other notes the mist sicks beat the -- mystics beat the minnesota links improving to 2-0 this season and the trainer will not run preakness -- [ indiscernible ] thanks for being a part of our weekend. have a great night, everybody.


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